• Checkout this Creative Teaser Design from John Grandt https://t.co/enxF1QpE2S #johngrandt #iceland
  • Go visit my Resume website! https://t.co/hwE3VUnW1k (Ooh shit I'ts in Danish) 🤣 https://t.co/i9YXbUojSj
  • It would take a computer about 609 million years to crack my password! https://t.co/d0uwt8TM4T
  • The EOS 80D Replacement to be a Big Leap Forward [CR2] Read more: https://t.co/1NRgBjYl53 We’re hearing very little… https://t.co/jdBos7rJhL
  • Now we're talking great :-) https://t.co/M3qUhNRpGi